Family Tree Maker GEDCOM files don't include multimedia

Pictures inserted in Family Tree Maker scrapbooks do not move to Legacy, or other genealogy programs for that matter. The article "Import GEDCOM" at states, "Family Tree Maker is one of several off-line editing programs that does not properly handle media object pointers within the GEDCOM. Legacy, among many others, does handle these properly." (Media object pointers is another way of saying multimedia links, or in other words pictures, sound and video.)

Regarding GEDCOM files produced by Family Tree Maker 2009, "Family Tree Maker GEDCOMs still can’t include links to pictures and other multimedia files." (Family Tree Magazine, "Family Tree Maker 2009 Review", December 15, 2008 by Rick Crume. )

And from the "Family Tree Magazine Forum" at "One of Family Tree Maker's downfalls is that it doesn't include multimedia links in the GEDCOM files it generates. This is true even of the latest version, 2008 (see our review of this program in the March 2008 Family Tree Magazine). You'll need to import your GEDCOM in the new program, then relink photos, video clips and other multimedia files."

This applies to all earlier version of Family Tree Maker as well.  If the pictures were saved separately on the hard drive, link them one by one to the Legacy file. If the pictures were scanned directly into Family Tree Maker, each one can be copied to the clipboard and saved as an image file for use in another application.