How to download pictures from Family Trees at

Downloading Pictures from Family Trees at


The GEDCOM files that you can download from Personal Member Trees and Online Family Trees at do not contain pictures. You will have to manually copy and paste pictures from to the Legacy picture folder located at C:\Legacy\Pictures (or wherever you save Legacy pictures) on your hard drive. Once saved you must then add them to the people in your family file. Here are the steps:


  1. Right-click on a picture at and select ‘Save Picture As’ on the popup menu. The Windows’s ‘Save Picture’ screen will open.
  2. In the ‘Save Picture’ dialog box, browse to the folder where you want to save the picture. The Pictures folder at C:\Legacy\Pictures is recommended. (Pictures are saved in the My Pictures folder unless you specify a different location.)
  3. Change the picture filename to suit your preferences and then click Save.
  4. Next start Legacy and browse to the person that you want to add the picture to and then click the Picture Gallery button (it looks like a picture frame with two heads in it).
  5. In the Picture Gallery window click the Picture button to open the Load Picture screen.
  6. Browse to the folder where you saved the picture, highlight its filename in the list (you will see its thumbnail image on the right) and then click OK. This will take you to the Display Picture screen.
  7. In the Display Picture screen add a caption, date and description if you want them (these are optional) and then click OK.
  8. For more information, see the article ‘Adding and Scanning Pictures’ at  

Downloading Scanned Documents at


Scanned documents, such as censuses, are viewed in’s free downloadable Enhanced Image Viewer. The ‘Save’ button in the Image Viewer takes you to the Save window. In this window you can save the scanned document to ‘Your Computer’ or to ‘My Ancestry’. Selecting ‘Your Computer’ will create a high-resolution image that you can save permanently on your computer. (This may take several minutes on a slow modem connection and the file created can be very large.) Choosing ‘My Ancestry’ will save the image on your ‘My Ancestry’ page at for future easy reference. Click Here for Help with the Enhanced Image Viewer and do a Keyword Search for it.