"Legacy Genealogy Software for Windows has stopped working" error

When Legacy will not run and your get the message:


  Legacy Genealogy Software for Windows has stopped working

  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


1. Make sure the computer account you log in with has full administrative permissions.

2. Do a thorough scan for viruses, spyware, etc. and remove the threats.

3. Remove/uninstall your current antivirus program and replace it with AVG Free. Please visit http://free.avg.com/us-en/homepage. In addition, if you have a firewall program, remove it and use only the Windows firewall. (Recently we have seen Legacy problems that resisted every effort to repair them. We discovered in some instances that the users had multiple anti-virus programs and/or firewalls, etc. running on their computers. In each case, uninstalling the redundant security programs fixed Legacy instantly.)

4. Update critical system drivers, in particular the video driver. The NVIDIA driver has been a problem with many users. If you have an NVIDIA driver:


    1) Right click on the Legacy icon.
    2) Select "Run with Graphics Processor"
    3) Select "Integrated Graphics" as opposed to "High Performance NVIDIA Processor"

5. Remove/uninstall programs that you don't use/need.

6. Open the Legacy folder on your hard drive, and then press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to highlight all the files. Next right-click on one of the highlighted files, and then select Properties from the bottom of the popup menu. In the Properties screen uncheck Hidden attribute and click Apply and OK. Repeat this procedure for the Data folder (or whatever folder you have your family file(s) saved in.

7. Restore your computer to a point before Legacy stopped working. Consult you Windows help system for the steps to do a Restore Point.

8. Right click on the Legacy icon on your desktop screen.


    1) Select Properties from the popup menu.
    2) Select the Compatibility tab.
    3) Click "Help me choose the settings."
    4) Run the "Program Compatibility troubleshooter" and click Next.

    5) Select the Legacy program and click Next.

    6) Click "Troubleshoot program."
    7) Select all the issues that apply and click Next.
    8) Follow the screen prompts to complete the troubleshooting.

9. If the above steps did not work, reboot you computer in Safe Mode and try Legacy again. If Legacy runs as it should in Safe Mode then there is probably a conflict somewhere in your system. Consult you Windows help system for the steps to reboot in Safe Mode.

10. Use a registry repair/cleaner utility. Please review the following information: http://softwareindustryreport.com/registry-cleaner/best-registry-cleaner.html or http://windowstechies.com/compare/registry-cleaners/?t=1&k=registry%20cleaners&m=e&u=&c=24289197630.