Downloading and Installing Legacy 7.0 (Standard and Deluxe Editions)

  • We recommend that you use either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to download.

  • It is fastest to install Legacy from the Web and RUN or OPEN the setup file when downloading. (People using Mozilla Firefox may be unable to run the setup file from the Web because of the extremely tight security features built into it.)

  • We recommend a high-speed Internet connection (DSL or cable modem work the best).

  • Dial-up connections frequently experience problems because of the time involved in downloading.

  • Please do not cancel the download (even if the download indicator goes backward) as this will break your Legacy program and you will have to download all over again to fix the problem.

  • With the exception of Legacy Family Tree 2.0, do not uninstall earlier versions of Legacy before installing Legacy Family Tree 7.0.

  1. Go to Please enter your e-mail address and optionally fill in the other fields. (Be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly because an installation password will be sent to you.) Then click on Next Step.
  2. There are two methods of downloading Legacy 7.0:

• INSTALL FROM THE WEB: A faster Web download of a small setup program. That program will then check your computer and will download only those files that are needed. If you click this option, select Open or Run and the setup will start.

• DOWNLOAD THE FULL SETUP: A full setup of a single compressed file that contains all files used by Legacy. This file is very large and will take longer to download. Some users may like the full setup even though it's larger. It can be copied to a CD-ROM or ZipDrive and be used to install Legacy on computers that do not have Internet access. If you click this option, select Save File and enter the location to save to. When the download is complete, start the installation. (If making a copy on a writable CD, first save the file to your hard drive, then use your CD burner software to copy the file onto the CD.)

  1. Next, start Legacy 7.0, which will open as the Standard Edition.
  2. Click here if you purchased the Deluxe edition and need to unlock the Deluxe features hidden inside the Standard Edition.

If downloading is a problem, you may order a CD from our Online Store.