How to install or update Legacy with no or slow Internet service

If you need to install Legacy from the Internet or update Legacy from the Internet, but your computer or laptop is not connected or has a slow dial-up connection, please do the following:

1. Using a computer with a high speed Internet connection, please download the full setup of Legacy7Setup.exe and save it to a jump drive, memory stick or burn it to a CD. (You can use a networked computer at a friend's home, a library, family history center, work place. etc. to download and save the full setup.)
2. Next, use the CD, jump drive or memory stick in the computer with no Internet connection by browsing to the full setup file and run it.

Be absolutely certain that you only download and save the full setup of Legacy7Setup.exe, as this is the only one that will work.

Please visit to get the full setup of Legacy7Setup.exe. Click Here to Download Legacy 6.0 or earlier. (The full setup file to install Legacy is the same file that is used to update Legacy.)