Installing Legacy 7.0 over previous editions

• Does an older Legacy have to be installed before I install the new Legacy 7.0?

No, but if you have an earlier version, please don't uninstall it.

• Should I uninstall my older Version of Legacy first?

With the exception of Legacy 2.0, please do NOT uninstall older versions of Legacy before installing Legacy  Family Tree7.0.

• Will Legacy 7.0 overwrite my old Legacy program?

Legacy Family Tree 7.0 will overwrite and replace earlier editions (except Legacy 2.0).

• What will happen to my family files?

Your family file will not be erased by installing a newer version of the program.

• If Legacy 2.0 is installed, you must also manually delete it before you can successfully install Legacy 7.0. Browse into the Legacy folder on your hard drive and delete only the old LEGACY.EXE file in the Legacy folder on your hard drive. Next install Legacy 7.0.

Click here if you are installing over Legacy 2.0.

When installing Legacy 7.0 customized settings from earlier versions will be retained.