Does Legacy work with the new FamilySearch system?

The LDS Church is currently in beta test for the interaction of 3rd-party programs with the new Family Search.  Legacy/Millennia is one of the approved Church affiliates for new Family Search. The programmers have been working with the Church, helping to test and develop the new API.  We are working very hard on new Family Search integration and have some great features coming that will really make it easy for users. 

When the feature is added, Legacy will connect with nFS and upload and download information to and from the system.  This will let you synchronize the individuals and lines that you want to keep up-to-date between Legacy and nFS.  Legacy will also "keep watch" on people and lines in nFS to see if anything has been changed, added, or deleted - alerting you when this happens.  You will be able to upload and download whatever information you want.  Anything new found on nFS can be brought into Legacy without having to enter it yourself.  Any new information you enter into Legacy can be sent up to nFS to become part of that system.  Legacy will also be able to take you through the temple ordinance submission process.

Synchronizing means that whatever you change in Legacy will automatically be uploaded to NFS and any changes on NFS will be downloaded to Legacy (if you want it to be.)  You will be able to specify which people, lines, etc. you want to keep synchronized.

There are about 10 different areas of certification to be able to work with the new Family Search.  Some of the smaller genealogy products might only need to be certified in 4 or 5 areas to be working with new Family Search.  Legacy needs to be certified in all of the areas because it is a "bigger" or a "complete" genealogy program.

An update will be implemented in Legacy as soon as the roll-out of new Family Search is complete.