Troubleshooting: Error 339

Also see DLL or OCX file is changed, missing, out of date, or invalid

Sometimes when installing or uninstalling software that shares common system files with Legacy problems can arise. For example, when installing another program, a different version of a shared system file may be installed. In addition, when uninstalling another program, a person may say "Yes" to the prompt about deleting shared files. As a result Legacy will give error messages or won't run at all. In addition, there are a few spyware scanners and some anti-virus programs that can also disable Legacy by removing critical system files.

  1. Make certain that any spyware scanners or antivirus programs are temporarily disabled. It's important that if a spyware scanner wants to remove a file like ActBar.ocx that you do not allow it to do so, or the problem will just keep repeating.

  2. Repair your Legacy program by updating it. Often missing or out-of-date files will be replaced when updating.

    Go to to download and install the Legacy 7.0 Update file.

    If you have Legacy 6.0 or an earlier version go to .

    If these steps fix the problem, you can stop here.

  3. If the above steps do not fix the problem, then uninstall Legacy and then reinstall it. If this solves the problem, you can stop here.
  4. If the above steps do not fix the problem and the file you are having trouble with is on the list below (check the error message), then download and save the file to the C:\Windows\System32, the C:\Windows\System or the C:\WINNT\System32 folder depending on your operating system:

    ACTBAR.OCX (Error 2007 - Invalid Bands Collection)
    MSVBVM60.DLL (version
    RESIZE32.OCX (version
    WSPELL.OCX (also see helpWspell.asp)

    If the missing file is VSPRINT8.OCX, then download both of the following:


    If the missing file is VSPRINT7.OCX, then download both of the following:


    If these steps don't solve the problem please contact with the details of the file you need replaced.

    Error 339 in Widows Vista

    If the User Account Control (UAC) feature has been disabled in Windows Vista, you need to re-enable it.

    1. Open up Control Panel, and type in 'user account' into the search box. Click on the link for Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off. Check the box, then click OK, and reboot your computer. Legacy should run properly now.