Troubleshooting: Error 400 - form already displayed; can't show modally

If you get an Error 400 message then follow these instructions.

Find the file called vsocx6.ocx in your C:\Windows\System 32 folder and right click on it and select Properties. Then check out which version you have. You need to use the one from the link below and make sure it's in the folder. Version is the correct one. The newer one has a bug in it that we cannot work around.

The newer version of VSOCX6.ocx has a bug with it that we have reported and yet the developer has not fixed the control. We don't think there will be any more updates to the control so we have to live with and work with what we have.

1. Please download the from and save it in the Legacy folder on your hard drive.

2. Windows XP users can simply double click on to extract VSOCX6.ocx (version and the accompanying legacy.exe.local file to the Legacy folder on your hard drive.  Select Extract all Files and use the Extract Wizard to extract the files to C:\Legacy (or other location if you installed Legacy elsewhere).  NOTE: This solution does not work with Windows Vista computers.

3. If you don't have Windows XP, you can extract these files with WinZip, which is available free at

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If the above steps don't work, please try the following:

1. Please download the msvbvm60.dll file from and save it in the C:\Legacy folder on your hard drive.

2. Next delete the user customization files (all files with a .USR extensions) from the C:\Legacy folder on your hard drive.

3. Please download and install the most recent update file to your Legacy program. Please visit and follow the directions on the screens to run/open this file from its current location.

After completing these steps please reboot (restart) your computer and try Legacy again.