Troubleshooting: Backup error - 503

The Error 503 is generally the result of a problem with access to the backup device.
You can test your CD-RW drive very easily. First, save your Legacy backup files to your desktop screen and then close Legacy. Next RIGHT click on the backup files and select Send To > CD-RW Drive (or DVD-RW Drive) from the popup menu. If you still get 503, then the problem isn't with the Legacy program at all. The possible causes of this error would be one of the following:
  • The CD-RW disk is marked Read-Only, or the security switch on the memory stick is set to lock. Try another disk or unlock the memory stick.
  • The ZIP file being saved exceeds the maximum size of the removable storage device.
  • The CD is not formatted for direct save of data. Reformat the CD or try a different disk.
  • The CD is formatted but the access software (e.g. DirectCD or InCD) is not ready. Insert (or re-insert) the CD or memory stick in the computer and then open Legacy and try backing up again.
  • The CD-RW disk or memory stick has developed a bad area. This can, in some instances, be fixed by reformatting.
  • Out of date driver software for the CD writer hardware. Update the CD Writer driver.
If backing up to the desktop and then right-clicking works, this means you have the kind of CD drive that won't allow to backup right from the Legacy program. Please keep in mind, not all computers are equal or some may have older CD burners and associated software. If you have questions consult the CD drive manufacturer's instructions.