Troubleshooting: Error 1706 - no valid source could be found for [program name]. The windows installer cannot continue.

This is a problem with the Windows Installer and does not originate with Legacy. Even though you have removed the program identified in the error message from your machine there is still an Installer configuration file on the machine that is starting the Installer when Legacy tries to open a common file used by both Legacy and the program.

There is a utility available from Microsoft to clean up Windows Installer remnants that can cause this issue. It is available here: The page also includes instructions on how to use the cleanup utility. Download and install the cleanup utility. Start the cleanup utility. Find the problem program in the list of files/programs, click on it and use the remove button.

If the problem program is still installed on your machine try letting windows re-install the program to clear this error.

• SmartSound QuickTracks Plugin Error 1706

This is a problem with WIndows and the SmartSounds Quicktrack Plugin installer and does not originate with Legacy.

Please go to for a solution to this problem.