After installing Legacy, I click the Finish button and the setup begins all over again.

Please keep in mind that the downloaded setup file is called Legacy6Setup.exe. Sometimes when downloading a person may save Legacy6Setup.exe to their Desktop and successfully install the program, but get the Legacy6Setup.exe icon and the program icon called Legacy 7.0 mixed up (the names look similar and the icons are identical). If you wish to save the setup file, please save it to a folder on your hard drive to avoid confusion.

  1. Please do not ever rename Legacy7Setup.exe to Legacy.exe, which is the actual filename of the Legacy program. If this is the case, rename the setup file to Legacy7Setup.exe.
  2. The above problem (number 2) is compounded if the renamed setup file is saved in the C:\Legacy folder on the hard drive. If this is the case, rename the setup file back to Legacy6Setup.exe, then delete any Legacy.exe file (if there is one) in the C:\Legacy folder and reinstall Legacy.

If the problem repeats, please use the Add/Remove Programs utility in the system Control Panel to uninstall Legacy and then re-install it.  If more than one Legacy program appear in the program list, uninstall the oldest and then re-install only Legacy 7.0.