Legacy won't accept my Deluxe Customer Number

Make certain the number is typed correctly and that the dashes are included.  In addition, your old Legacy 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0 Customer Number will not unlock the Legacy 7.0 Deluxe Edition features. Installation passwords, upgrade codes, and certificate or shop order numbers will not work either. Be sure you are using an actual Legacy 7.0 Deluxe Customer Number. The number will look something like 60-123-456-78.

Your Deluxe Customer Number appears on the CD sleeve (commercial outlet purchase) or was e-mailed to you (online purchase) and/or included on the shipping invoice. 

If you want a Legacy 7.0 Deluxe Customer Number, please call 1 800 753-3453 (outside the US call 623-444-8918) to place an order or visit our Online Store.