Troubleshooting: I can't open my family files after upgrading or updating Legacy program

Run the Legacy installation again (either from the CD or update the program from the Web). If you have anti-viral software, installation monitoring software or any Real players, please temporarily disable them while you are re-installing the program.

Legacy may become corrupted if the program was open when re-installing, making it able to open a family file. Close Legacy before installing or updating.

In a few rare instances these steps may not work. If this happens then please download and install the following two service packs from Microsoft:

All Windows versions: and...

For Computers That Are Running Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0:;EN-US;282010#2

For Computers That Are Running Windows Me:;EN-US;282010#4

For Computers That Are Running  Windows 2000:;EN-US;282010#3

For Computers That Are Running Microsoft Windows XP;EN-US;282010#5