I entered people into my family file, but the next time I opened it they were gone

The most common reasons for missing people in a family file are:

1. After entering a new individual, the user clicks Cancel instead of Save. Or the user closes the screen with the button, which exits the screen without saving the new individual. When this happens the individual needs to be re-added to the family file.

2. The user deletes people by mistake by right-clicking on a person and selecting Delete on the pop-up menu. Or, with a person highlighted, the user clicks on Edit and selects Delete. Or the user clicks on Tools and selects Advanced Deleting. Any of these actions will permanently remove individuals from the family file. If only one or two people are missing from the family file, they can be easily re-entered. If hundreds are deleted, as when using Advanced Deleting for example, then restore your family file from your current backup copy.

3. Merging individuals will result in two records being combined. When two records are merged, one of the records will disappear. If the wrong records have been combined, the action can be undone immediately by exiting the Merge screen clicking on Edit and selecting Undo Merge. This option will be no longer be available if the bad merge is not immediately undone and the user then adds new information to Legacy or exits the Legacy program. In these cases, restore your family file from your current backup copy.

4. Another cause for this problem is accidentally using two or more copies of a family file. For example, a user may enter new people into their family file saved in Data last week, and the next time they open a nearly identical copy of the family file saved in My Documents. The result is that the user concludes that Legacy is deleting people; however, the user is actually looking in the wrong file. The solution is to use only one master copy of your family file to avoid confusion. For help finding other family files, please Click Here.