Troubleshooting: DLL or OCX file is changed, missing, out of date, or invalid

Sometimes when installing or uninstalling software that shares common system files with Legacy problems can arise. For example, when installing another program, a different version of a shared system file may be installed. In addition, when uninstalling another program, a person may say "Yes" to the prompt about deleting all shared files. As a result Legacy no longer runs properly. In addition over time, computer files can seemingly become corrupted on their own -- possibly due to improper computer shut down or system problem.

  1. Please uninstall Legacy and then reinstall it.
  2. Go to to download and install the Legacy 7.0 Update file.
    If you have Legacy 6.0 or an earlier version go to .
  3. If the file you are having trouble with is on the list below, download and save it to the C:\Windows\System folder on your hard drive (or C:\WINNT\System32 folder depending on your operating system):


If these steps don't solve the problem please contact with the details of the file you need replaced.